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Social Media Screening

April 12 | 2021

Social Media Checks: Revealing A Person’s True Character

Can Social Media Checks reduce your risk of a bad remote hire? With an ever-increasing volume o...

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October 30 | 2019

The Pitfalls of Social Media Checks and How to Avo...

Social media checks can be an incredibly useful tool in your pursuit of quality...

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November 27 | 2018

Social media screening: How to avoid risk when hir...

June 19 | 2018

How to Be Hiring Compliant in a Social Media-Centr...

With over 30% of the world’s population using social media, it is hard to avoid news that is shared via social media platforms. Social media has consistently been featured in the news either with data privacy issues, “outside” sources purchasing ads to influence voters or President Trump’s latest twitter posts. Users feel th...

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December 8 | 2017

What is a Social Media Search?

Social media is used in all aspects of the hiring process from recruiting to bac...

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August 28 | 2017

Sterling to Sponsor and Present at the In House Re...

August 8 | 2017

Social Media Screening: The Key to Targeting Your...

Almost half of the world’s population actively uses the internet (46%), and by the end of this year, over 30% of the populace will be using social networks on a daily basis. We live in an era where social media is intertwined with our lives from the minute we open our eyes in the morning to when we go to sleep at night. The world is deeply engulf...

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Brexit: What Employers Need to Know

With a Brexit deal agreed and a new UK immigration system now in place, employers are navigating unchartered waters as we head into 2021. In this webinar, experts from Fragomen LLP will explore the impact of Brexit and the trends faced by employers when recruiting overseas nationals, examine right to work in the UK and EU countries, and summarise the new Skilled Worker regime and the compliance measures employers need to consider.

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Social Media Checks: Revealing A Person’s True Character
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Background Checks: Rescreening Considerations for Employers
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Research reveals just 2% of employers are comfortable with new immigration rules post Brexit
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