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Welcome to candidate screening simplified. At Sterling, we empower organisations to make smarter, faster, and safer hiring decisions. To do that, we constantly invest in ways to provide the most comprehensive and accurate background screening services for the evolving global workforce. Because candidates are at the heart of our business, we continually innovate to ensure longevity and success of our customers’ organisations.

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The new Candidate Hub by Sterling provides a streamlined process with a native mobile experience, making it the best way to ensure a smooth and engaging hiring experience from the initial recruiting process all the way to onboarding new employees.

Safer Just
Got Simpler

The Candidate Hub is the most efficient and complete way for your candidates to manage their screening process. Save their time and keep them engaged throughout the screening process via SMS notifications and alerts. Eliminate Errors. Stay Compliant. Streamline everything.

Redefining the Hiring Experience

Candidate Satisfaction

The Candidate Hub ensures a smooth process within an easy-to-use mobile design.

Compliant with Local Screening Laws

Reduce candidate’s anxiety by providing the forms in local language and compliant with local laws.

Reduce time to hire

With mobile first experience, candidates are able to submit their details sooner, helping you hire faster.

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