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An online search can reveal more about
who a person really is.
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Helping you to secure a safe and trusted workforce

In just over a decade, social media has become fundamental to the way billions engage with one another — now more than ever for easing pandemic isolation and building community.
As an essential part of everyday life, it’s not surprising that social media has influenced the world of recruitment with HR professionals using online networking activity to support both hiring and ongoing screening needs. Social media searches provide vital information that helps employers minimise the risk of a bad hire and establish a trusted workforce.

Our Social Media Partnership

Sterling has partnered with Fama to help companies protect their brands by screening the publicly available online information of both potential and existing employees. Our partnership can help reduce exposure to risk with a solution that enhances ethical decision-making and compliance by proactively identifying undesirable behaviours such as bigotry, sexism, and violence, and recognising positive indicators that align with a company’s culture and values.

Meeting Your Screening Needs

Technology-Enabled Impartiality
Sterling leverages artificial intelligence, language processing, and image recognition to screen publicly available content for negative behaviours, providing a consistent screening approach to reduce bias.
Robust and Flexible
We screen behaviours on social media, as well as perform a thorough search on the publicly available web, that can easily be configured to reflect your hiring standards.
Global Reach
Our social media search solution can be deployed in nearly every country and works across hundreds of languages.

The Social Media Imperative

With more than half of the world’s population on social media, it’s become a norm in HR to rely on search engines for hiring and screening needs. According to a recent Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder survey:
Nearly 1/2 of employers check up on current employees on social media
7 in 10
employers use social networks to research job candidates
of employers use search engines to conduct research on job candidates
of employers have found social or online content that caused them not to hire candidates
of employers have reprimanded or fired an employee based on content found online

Enhance Your Screening with Social Media Checks

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