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Financial Services

Protect your clients, capital, and reputation while managing complex regulatory compliance requirements.

Due to the unparalleled access to sensitive personal and financial data, the financial services sector is a highly regulated environment where employers simply cannot afford to make hiring mistakes.

Sterling has been chosen by some of the worlds largest financial institutions thanks to our financial industry expertise and comprehensive background screening experience.

Financial services organisations rely on Sterling for our:

  • Turnaround time
  • Data Security
  • Quality and level of detail
  • Accuracy of information

Complying With FCA Requirements

Sterling understands the importance of implementing a thorough screening programme when dealing with banking and finance candidates. Our tailored packages enable your company to be fully compliant with the FCA by determining if your candidate is fit and properly qualified for the role they will be moving into. We offer packages for controlled and non-controlled positions to suit the level of detail and information that you require.

As per the FCA’s requirements, our packages are designed to assess the honesty, integrity, reputation, competence, capability and financial soundness of your candidates. Our HR Interviewing teams are fully trained in the requirements surrounding controlled function positions and therefore are able to investigate the candidate’s background appropriately.

Needs will vary depending on whether you are recruiting for controlled or non-controlled positions.

Directorship Searches

As part of a package to meet FCA requirements, Sterling’s Directorship Search will check whether there are any current or previously held directorships declared, or undeclared, by a candidate, which may constitute a conflict of interest for the employer. These searches have a typical turnaround of one business day and reveal the company name, industry type, and date of appointment of any directorship found. Not only will a Directorship Search highlight any conflicts of interest, but it may also help to verify any claims of self-employment by the candidate.

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