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Continued protection against workplace violence, litigation, fraud, and theft.
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What is Rescreening?

Rescreening is the process of performing background checks on employees after a defined period of time — this may be six months, a year, or even five years. Exactly which checks an organisation selects for an employee rescreening program depends on the risk profile of the role, and the industry it operates within.
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Best Practice Approach to Rescreening

Employee rescreening is being widely adopted as a best practice approach across a range of industries, even outside of typically high-risk and regulated sectors, such as healthcare and financial services, the latter of which is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK.
Introducing a rigorous and thorough workforce rescreening program can help HR professionals to mitigate compliance and litigation risks.

Going Beyond the First Background Check

While an initial background check provides you with insight into a candidate’s history at that particular point in time, employee rescreening adds more granularity, providing HR professionals with the opportunity to update an individual’s record with any relevant findings that may have occurred during this specified period.
A proactive approach to screening can alert companies of possible threats based on changes to individual circumstances, and dynamic risks that may lead to embezzlement, fraud, theft, and violent behaviour.
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Dynamic Checks for a Dynamic Workforce

Your workforce is dynamic and so too, is the potential risk they may pose to your organisation – after all, they interact with your clients, represent your brand, and have access to key information. Throughout an employee’s work life, for even the most trusted of staff members, circumstances may change which could lead them down different and sometimes adverse paths.
Employee rescreening puts your organisation one step ahead, covering any breaks in employment such as furlough, and any changes in employment such as promotions and increased responsibility, in addition to transfers to other departments, secondments or acquisitions.

Risk Mitigation with Ongoing Background Checks

It’s important to keep up with the evolving life of your workforce. A criminal conviction, fraudulent activity, or alarming financial behavior may present a red flag, which many companies may miss because they don’t screen current employees or rescreen periodically.
As an experienced employee rescreening company, Sterling can provide best-practice guidance on rescreening employees if you’re already conducting background checks with us, or even if you’ve screened your current employees elsewhere.
of employers rescreen workers annually
of employers perform checks when triggered by an event
of employers only screen when someone is promoted

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