Credit Enquiries

Speedy and Reliable Verification of Financial Responsibility.

Certain roles require a more holistic view of a candidate or company. Credit checks can be invaluable to filling in the gaps. Often mandated within regulated sectors like financial services where roles may include managerial, accounting, financial record, or cheque-writing responsibilities, our reports reveal unbiased insights into candidates’ financial trustworthiness.

You expect the people you employ and companies with whom you engage to be experienced, trustworthy, and reliable, especially when your company’s finances are involved. We, too, value those qualities and extend our expertise to serve your needs.

Sterling’s credit enquiry with electoral roll and ID verification service can match ID against multiple sources. In addition to providing proof of identity, the credit enquiry will disclose any County Court Judgments, bankruptcies, administration orders, and insolvencies present on an individual’s credit file.

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  • Online, real-time results within 1 business day
  • 4-hour rush option available
  • Conducted by our expert, UK-based based team
  • Compliant with industry requirements and guidelines
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Industries Utilizing Credit Enquiries

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