Criteo Expands Global Hiring

Criteo Engages Sterling to Expand Global Hiring

Criteo Technology, a global tech media company, has chosen Sterling as its new screening provider, equipped with global compliance expertise to help Criteo hire at scale using a thorough background screening program.

Headquartered in France, Criteo also has locations in Spain, UAE, India, Italy, Singapore, the UK, and the US — 24 offices in all, with over 3,500 employees. Their commerce media platform delivers richer consumer experiences by providing marketers and media owners with high-impact advertising.

Global Compliance Challenges Impact Hiring

When hiring internationally, employers must navigate a complex regulatory landscape, each with its own laws and nuances. Criteo sought a background check partner with global screening capabilities who could help them to remain compliant with international employment law.

Criteo chose Sterling for global hiring expertise and ability to support them with best practice guidance and compliance advice. Sterling background checks are legally permissible and available in each country in which Criteo is hiring their workforce. Additionally, Criteo now relies on Sterling for products tailored to its many needs and locations, together with regular updates in country legislation to help ensure their processes stay compliant.

Further prompting the switch to Sterling, Criteo had experienced issues regarding client support and candidate experience with their previous provider. Since engaging us, Sterling’s expert support team have been available to assist Criteo quickly and efficiently with any issue they might have.

Sterling’s Technology and Human Touch Support Criteo’s Success

Sterling now supports Criteo with compliant screening practices through best-practice information for all countries in Criteo’s hiring scope. Sterling provides added support with helpful global fact sheets and local experience.

Sterling’s streamlined solutions give Criteo the ability to:

  • Pre-define country packages to suit a wide variety of roles, ranging from basic, medium, and enhanced
  • Customize candidate email templates
  • Create a permission-based live environment
  • Add self-adjudication functionality to reflect their internal TA structure

Criteo is now implementing their Sterling screening program into their existing HR system, Workday to help streamline and consolidate their hiring processes, providing a seamless experience for both employees and candidates.

Carmen Sanchez, People Operations Manager with Criteo, explained, “Sterling supports us with their dedicated customer success team who quickly solve any questions we have, no matter the issues we may face. Sterling has also made it easy for us to access their platform in order to check the status of our orders and data in terms of statistics and success rates. The platform also integrates with our HRIS system which helps simplify and centralise the onboarding tasks in one tool, delivering efficiency to our internal process.”

Natalia Castillo, People Operations Team Lead, Criteo, said, “Sterling’s user-friendly technology for candidates is designed exactly in line with the image we want to provide as a high-tech company. Sterling also provides localized language support to our candidates, along with available customer service representatives to offer personalized support during the background check process. These enhancements are sure to improve our candidate experience and time-to-hire.”

Our Global Hiring and Technology Partnership Continues

Criteo is now well-placed to scale up hiring across their many locations around the world while remaining compliant with international and local employment laws. Sterling is proud to help extend their global reach while also improving efficiency through HR integration, deep industry expertise, and best-in-class customer service.

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