Global Technology Company Chooses Sterling as Worldwide Services Provider

A global technology company headquartered in the UK has successfully partnered with Sterling to support its global hiring program. As their new background screening partner, Sterling helps this business grow and scale around the world, helping them to navigate their compliance needs no matter the region.

This innovative technology provider staffs 1,300 employees in its international offices, providing its B2B clients with software and a suite of products built on data sourced from hundreds of global partners, helping them to verify the identity of billions of people around the world. Their identity verification solution also helps their clients prevent fraud and to leverage powerful location intelligence capabilities.

Their People team leader, responsible for looking after all HR at a global level as well as the whole of employee lifecycle, contacted Sterling for help, having left their previous screening provider due to slow turnaround times. The team was managing the background screening process themselves, but had to consult with multiple sources for different types of background checks, which came with an overwhelming degree of complexity for their global hiring program. However, it was paramount for the business to feel full confidence in the candidates they chose to invite into their organisation.

As a result, they soon decided their business needed a screening partner to help free up HR staff time by handling background checks themselves: one who could scale with this kind of growth.

Meeting Regional and Local Hiring Requirements

International employers on the scale of this business must meet many compliance obligations within a nuanced regulatory landscape. After all, every region and location in the world has its own hiring requirements.

That’s why this growing business began searching for a partner with deep expertise in background screening and global hiring compliance.

Since working with Sterling, the organisation has acquired a company in New Zealand and another in Australia. They’ve also purchased businesses in Poland, Belgium, Israel, and have hired many more people to add support in specific countries across America, APAC, and EMEA.

Knowing that Sterling can support this phenomenal growth has given them significant peace of mind. In fact, Sterling background checks are available in every country in which our global client wants to hire. We also provide them with continual regulatory updates in aid of hiring compliance.

Our client’s team leader commented, “We don’t need to worry about where we hire next as we know Sterling will be able to do all the necessary checks, and know what checks are legally compliant.”

Sterling Takes the Partnership Global by Adding Screening Capabilities

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The organisation chose Sterling owing to our true-partnership approach and the level of support provided from the very first conversation. Now Sterling’s Client Support Partners (CSPs) are on-hand to provide a quality personal experience complete with reporting capabilities.

We also offer our industry and compliance advice to answer any and all questions. At every step, our client can be assured we have their best interests in mind.

Sterling stood out as the leader, providing global services including:

  • Identity verification
  • Right-to-work checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • Employment and education verifications
  • Driver license checks
  • Credit checks

By combining identity verification and screening, Sterling helps the organisation hire authentic people by determining if candidates are who they say they are.

As part of the procurement process when selecting Sterling, great scrutiny was placed on compliance. For example, leadership needed to know that pre-set packages could be created and set up in the system, removing the risk of hiring managers making flawed decisions on what checks were needed. For the UK market, the business preferred to work with a screening company that was a certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP); hence Sterling was a natural choice.

Quality support for global programs was essential. From first glance, their organisation found the Sterling platform very intuitive and easy to use, including for those around the world who may not have English as a first language.

Previously, the company received complaints from hiring managers that late hires were caused by HR being slow to respond. Sterling is relied upon to process checks quickly, but if there are unavoidable delays, the platform allows them to report on status updates and insights quickly and easily. Furthermore, Sterling appeared to be the only company that could offer certain solutions in some countries.

Surmounting Global Hiring Challenges Together

Working closely alongside our client, Sterling delivers background screening and identity programs at global scale. Our industry expertise in the technology sector enables us to meet their organisation’s needs with agility and insight.

The team was impressed with the speed at which they were set up and able to start using Sterling, and felt this was all down to the effort and attention Sterling had put in earlier in the process.

Easy-to-use reporting is equally important for the team, allowing them to advise hiring managers what stage the checks are at and what the likely turnaround time will be. Reporting allows them to see any issues, predict what might go wrong, and change processes accordingly to be more efficient. There’s a real sense from all involved in hiring that turnaround times have been reduced.

Our client neatly sums it all up: “With Sterling, background screening is less of a barrier.”

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