CUSTOMER STORY: Graebel Companies, Inc.

Graebel Companies, Inc.

Because it’s so easy to use and efficient, we haven’t had to keep any sort of metrics or tracking to justify its cost, which should speak for itself. [The Digital Form I-9 solution] works exactly as it was explained to do and we haven’t had any problems at all."
- Cathy Smith, Director of Talent Acquisition & Compliance for Graebel Companies, Inc.

Graebel Companies, Inc. is a global leader in employee and commercial relocation services. It currently provides three core services—Relocation Solutions, Move Management, Commercial Relocation—to help companies relocate their talent and facilities around the world quickly and efficiently. In January 2015, the company divested its well-known U.S. Van Line and Moving Divisions (which retained the brand name) to better focus on its global expansion.

Business Challenges

Throughout its 66-year history, Graebel (pre-divesture) had processed all its Form I-9 documentation on paper, which required dispersed talent to process, manage and store. This resulted in thousands of employment records stored across 38 locations. Because of its standing relationship with its long-term background check provider, Sterling, Graebel sought to add digital I-9 processing to its outsourced workforce solutions.


Sterling’s account manager worked closely with the Graebel Companies staff to precisely orchestrate and carry out the complex handover of Form I-9 documents without issue or problem. Outstanding documents from many Graebel locations were delivered to Sterling’s processing center. Over the course of six months, Sterling staff evaluated, processed and digitally scanned thousands of Form I-9 documents for record storage and retrieval. Included in this process was also the disposal and shredding of necessary documents.


The digital remediation of its Form I-9 documents freed up vital office space at its remaining locations and reduced the amount of time spent collecting, filing and retrieving documents by staff. Since bringing the digital Form I-9 solution fully online after the remediation process, those staff members (now just three or four people) who are charged with managing Form I-9 documentation, find the process to be much smoother and streamlined.

Key Features
  • Transitioning to digital Form I-9 resulted in a streamlined process that saves staff time and frees up resources.
  • Complete migration of thousands of Form I-9 documents completed in a sixmonth time frame.
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