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Faster Turnaround Times and More Reliable Data

What is eConsent?

eConsent is a web based ordering and data entry platform that enables our clients to order background checks with ease and provides a secure portal through which screening candidates can provide the information we require in order to process the conduct the requested checks.

How does eConsent work?

Initiate a background check with just your candidate’s name and email address

Your candidate receives an invitation via email to complete their information online using eConsent

Once your candidate has completed the online forms, their information is provided directly to Sterling and the screening process begins

The benefits of eConsent

  • Environmentally friendly, paperless background checking
  • Faster turnaround times for your business
  • Represent your brand and business needs by tailoring the emails sent to your candidate and appending your corporate logo to candidate facing screens
  • Form intelligence ensures that only the details required to conduct the requested background checks are captured and are always captured first time
  • The screening process is started within hours of your candidate submitting their information