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A global workforce requires dynamic, in-depth background checks from an experienced provider. With an increasing number of businesses hiring migrant workers or looking to overseas candidates to secure the best talent, running a comprehensive international background check online is now more important than ever.

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Screen Globally for Top Talent

As a leader in global background screening, we offer an in-depth international background check service in more than 240 countries and territories where we have screening capabilities. With over 45 years of experience we're able to run a background check for international applicants quickly and accurately. Many global businesses trust Sterling to provide the information they need to make staffing decisions in an informed and intelligent way.

Stay on Top of Compliance Changes

As a leader in international background screening, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to allow for a truly global background check program. Our diligent compliance updates help keep you and your organisation in the know on regional regulations and any changes within your industry. Designed to fit your company’s unique requirements we provide international background check solutions that keep pace with the ever-changing nature of global hiring programs. Rest assured, your staff might be time zones away, but our regional support teams are local and ready to help your team when and where you need it.
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Our International Background Checks Include:

  • Identity Authentication:
    • National ID Verification
    • Passport Validation
    • Driver’s Abstract
    • Address Verification
  • Criminal Records checks:
    • Comprehensive Criminal Records Checks
    • Police Clearance Authentication
    • Global Sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons and Adverse Media
  • Financial Searches:
    • Credit
    • Civil Litigation
    • Bankruptcy
  • HR Verifications:
    • Employment Verification
    • Education Verification
    • Credential Verification
    • References
  • Reputational Risk:
    • Directorships
    • Social Media
    • Adverse Media

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