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Helping an Information Technology Services Company Streamline Its Screening Process

Complex screening processes

At this global IT services organisation, background screening for new hires often is a multi-variate process that requires compliance-focused and agile processes to match the speed and scale of the fast-growing data storage business that forms the crux of the company’s business.

According to its EHS Specialist, workflows for HR processes that include background checks are cross-functional and inter-departmental. Moreover, he says, the company employees access internal as well as partner servers, thereby requiring dual screening processes by both the organisation as well as its partner organisations.

Process clarity for increased productivity

Sterling knew that a primary challenge lay in being able to address issues that may not even arise within the IT company’s HR department. With the organisation’s background checks team essentially serving the needs of its internal hiring stakeholders and external partners, the key was to provide open and multiple modes of communication.

Identifying the right background screening solution and providing a user-centric workflow helped Sterling build a reputation of trust and reliability within the IT company, says its EHS Specialist. Intuitive, customer-centric modules along with a clear explanation of the background check product in use, sharing of best practices for implementation, and how to optimise them for the best user-case experience formed the foundation of trust.

“The product assimilation process with Sterling stands out, it’s probably the easiest, and the most streamlined process that I’ve dealt with, and I deal with multiple providers at any given time,” asserts the IT company’s EHS Specialist.

Agility built into open communication channels

With multiple processes running at once, the chances of roadblocks, questions, or even enhancements arise often and unexpectedly. Sterling’s in-house team of experts and client success partners were available immediately and ready with a solution within hours.

“The source of information, and the way it is shared is great with Sterling. It is fundamental to creating trust. I trust Sterling, knowing that the work it is doing is based on high quality and not just quantity,” the EHS Specialist explains.

One of the biggest challenges for the IT company was addressing the challenge of multiple logins and complying with different rules in different states for its driver population. “With Sterling’s Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) checks and its built-in compliance tools, we now stay ahead of the multi-state MVR challenge,” says the EHS Specialist.

I trust Sterling, knowing that the work it is doing is based on high quality and not just quantity.
EHS Specialist, IT Services Company
Outpacing market trends with compliant background screening

Sterling’s intuitive servicing goes beyond the products on contract. In one of its standard business review meetings, the client success team talked about the growing trend of social media searches and the importance of conducting this search in a compliant manner. This happened to come up in an internal meeting soon afterward, states the IT organisation’s EHS Specialist. “Coincidentally,” he states, “a senior recruiting manager mentioned this need the very next week, and I was able to share a succinct outline, its relevance, and all the red flags that Sterling could identify and manage for us.”

In addition to keeping pace with hiring trends, Sterling’s always-on compliance radar keeps the client well informed with enough time to address changes, and also on how to address the ever-changing landscape of laws, rules, and regulations.

“Compliance updates are big, as much as they are fundamental for us,” says the EHS Specialist. “Sterling’s regular stream of compliance updates, its heads-up for new rules that are coming soon, and its application to our business, all point again to the trust Sterling has created and the quality we expect,” concludes the EHS Specialist.

Quick response, multiple modes of communication, and solutions that are all housed in one place are some of the value-adds that Sterling brings to us, knowing that it is critical to our business.
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