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Safer Hiring with UK Right to Work Verification

Accurate right to work checks start with identity, and with every company in the UK legally required to carry out right to work checks or risk significant fines, offering your candidates a fast and seamless verification process is essential. These days it’s all too easy for someone to obtain forged documents, enabling them to present a false identity when applying for work. With a 23% year-on-year increase in identity fraud1, this is becoming a risk for hiring managers everywhere.

A Streamlined Candidate Process Delivers Faster Results

Sterling’s UK Right to Work ID Verification uses the latest technology aligned with the UK Digital Identity Trust Framework to capture the necessary immigration documents and biometric data to validate a candidate’s identity and their permission to work in the UK. This straightforward, seamless process leads to faster, more accurate screening results.

An Identity-First Approach
Elevates Your Hiring Process

Sterling’s Right to Work check incorporates our exclusive upfront digital identity verification process, enabling a candidate’s identity to be verified before completing the UK Right to Work check. We leverage verified biographic and identity data to strengthen the accuracy and integrity of the screening results delivered to your organisation, and at the same time simplify the onboarding experience for you and your candidates. Additionally, candidates are able to seamlessly create a secure, reusable digital identity which can be used to verify identity to facilitate future online transactions and interactions. By validating your candidate’s identity before the check, you demonstrate your commitment to protecting your organisation and workforce from identity fraud, creating a safer, secure workplace.

Technology That Helps You
Remain Compliant

Sterling’s UK Right to Work Verification service was developed with compliance in mind and will automatically incorporate future legal obligations and relevant changes in immigration legislation from the UK Home Office. This service is available to employers as a standalone check to help ensure UK right to work obligations are met, or as part of a wider background screening programme to mitigate the risk of a bad hire. Empowering employers to easily check right to work status eligibility is key to streamlining your recruitment process.

Delivering a Great Employer
and Candidate Experience

Nearly 70%2 of candidates believe the way a company treats them during the hiring process reflects how it treats its employees. This is why providing a UK right to work check process that can be completed simply and easily via a mobile device is an important step to successfully onboarding your new hire. As the candidates are carefully guided to complete each step of the process, you are able to track their progress with status updates available in real-time. And this intuitive, mobile-friendly UK Right to Work Verification service from Sterling creates a positive, technology-driven, people-first impression of your brand.

The Importance of Getting UK Employee Right to Work Checks ‘Right’

fine for each illegal worker employed if correct right to work checks not carried out3
cases of identity fraud in the UK in 2022 according to Cifas4
think the way a company treats them during the hiring process reflects how it treats its employees5

The importance of getting UK Right to Work checks ‘Right’

fine for each illegal worker employed if correct right to work checks not carried out3
cases of identity fraud in the UK in 2018 according to Cifas4
think the way a company treats them during the hiring process reflects how it treats its employees5

Sterling’s Digital UK Right to Work
Verification Provides:

  • Superior experience - An easy, seamless, convenient way for candidates to verify their right to work from anywhere, providing them with complete control.
  • Identity first - Our exclusive, upfront identity workflow helps to accelerate UK Right to Work results and deter fraud.
  • In-session candidate guidance - Real-time guidance helps each candidate submit acceptable images of their face and documents.
  • Real-time progress updates - Keep you informed of when candidates start and complete the process.

Modernise the
Candidate Experience

Show candidates that your business is committed to creating a safe workplace with fast, modern, and convenient technology. With Sterling’s UK Right to Work Verification, candidates can complete the process in just a few minutes using their smartphone.
STEP 1 - Send Invite
Start the process by adding UK Right to Work Verification as part of candidate checks and they’ll receive an e-invite to begin the short, guided journey.
STEP 2 - Snap Images
Your candidate follows simple, guided steps to snap pictures of their documentation and their face with their smartphone or any device with a camera.
STEP 3 - Verify Right to Work ID
Candidate’s identity is verified by comparing face images with documentation to determine document authenticity, and results are delivered to you in Client Hub.
Depending on the candidate’s immigration status, they may be given the option to prove their right to work by providing a share code or alternative documents.
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A Solution Designed to
Fit Your Needs

Regardless of your industry or the size of your organisation, Right to Work verification is essential. From gig economy to large corporations, Sterling’s UK Right to Work Verification integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and processes, enabling you to confirm Right to Work status conveniently during the hiring process.

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