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For the fourth year in a row, Sterling has won the HR Tech Award for Best Comprehensive Solution for Enterprises, recognized for our fast turnaround times, transparency, and ability to scale for even the largest hiring volumes.

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Against a background of the biggest public health emergency in living memory, Sterling worked at pace to deliver an outstanding service which helped us to deploy vaccinators where they were needed, quickly and effectively.”

Nicola McQueen

CEO, NHS Professionals
Sterling’s people listened to us and really understood what we needed as a business. They had the compliance experience on global regulations and legal requirements that meant we were confident in their abilities to provide the support we needed.”

Joanna Scott

Global Project Manager,
Child Safeguarding and
Talent at The LEGO Group
I am delighted to be working with Sterling. It is clear that they absolutely understand the requirements of Amnesty International and, by taking a true partnership approach to their work, have ensured that we have a robust screening programme in place that makes Amnesty a safer place to work for our employees, volunteers and those we work with around the world.”

Sharon Jacques

Head of International
Recruitment, Amnesty
The team at Sterling carefully took the time to understand our needs and worked with us diligently to develop a consistent and compliant background screening programme, providing a greater experience for both our candidates and our HR staff.”

Julia Wilkes

Head of HR Services,
Prince’s Trust
We soon recognised Sterling as a key partner who could help us to achieve a more efficient and robust screening programme. The quality of their Customer Success team sets them apart from other providers and we are consistently impressed by their response times.”

Pravin Dalal

Senior Manager,
Since 2014, Sterling has been helping us shape a successful hiring program with products and solutions best suited for our business. By applying a Client Matrix Adjudication grid, we've experienced a decrease in review rate by more than 13%, improved efficiency, and enabled a faster and more compliant hiring process.
Sterling has been a great partner. Not only is the system easy to use for our candidates, but the speed and efficiency in getting our results back from our background screenings are both vital to getting new hires working as soon as possible.To top it off, the service we receive from our Client Success Partner is unmatched with frequent check-ins, fast response time, and overall service that is focused on our business. We look forward to continuing our partnership."

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