White Paper Shows Cost Of A Bad Hire

June 6th, 2017

White paper – Safeguarding Your Staff & Business – Screen Now, Save Later

Many of today’s businesses integrate thorough vetting procedures as part of their hiring programme, but despite the best efforts, some bad hires may continue to get through. SterlingBackcheck’s latest white paper ‘Safeguarding Your Staff and Business – Screen Now, Save Later’, examines the true cost of a bad hiring decision. Sterling UK offers Criminal record checks that will insure your candidates don’t go through the following mistakes.

Sometimes candidates will deliberately defraud prospective employers by falsifying qualifications, references or job history, while other times it may that the hiring firm simply fails to request or obtain important information. Regardless of the reason, the result can be costly and painful to the business in question.

At the most basic level there will be a re-hiring process to pay for, but the true cost goes an awful lot further. This report highlights issues such as theft or embezzlement, the potential for bad press, the danger to employees, clients and other stakeholders, lost productivity, litigation and more.

Readers of this report will not only discover more about the growing problem of CV fraud and the omission of criminal histories, they will also gain insight into the legal obligations when conducting candidate checks and the legislation impacting employers.

For some, a background check may amount to no more than a simple Web search or a couple of telephone calls for work and personal references. For others, it may entail everything from validation of education, certifications and work history, to criminal history and credit checks.

Whatever your current hiring process, this white paper will help to re-examine your screening activity and take a look at the options for making this part of the program more robust.

You can access a copy of the ‘Safeguarding Your Staff and Business – Screen Now, Save Later’ white paper in full here.

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