CUSTOMER STORY: Modulr Finance

Modulr Finance

Modulr Finance provides an integrated payment service for businesses that need a faster, easier and more reliable way to move money. Modulr’s platform delivers automated payouts, simplified pay ins and the ability to launch new payment services for clients and software partners within employment services, lending, fintech, travel and more. The company has offices across London, Edinburgh and Dublin.

The Challenge

Modulr Finance experienced significant headcount growth during 2020, with more hires on the horizon for 2021 and beyond. With continued expansion plans in the pipeline, the company was keen to ensure it provided the best possible on-boarding experience for its applicants, which included reducing the level of admin for the ordering and managing of employment screening questions. However, at the time, its external screening process wasn’t fit for purpose, with individuals reporting a poor user experience that felt more like an inquisition and lacked the proactive support from the supplier that Modulr Finance had previously partnered with.

Given the firm’s speciality in a regulated sector, a robust screening process was vital for all roles – with checks required ranging from employment references, credit checks and criminal background screening, to adverse media and sanctions checks. While there were some screening needs that were an absolute must for all hires, there were also variances depending on the type and seniority level of roles that needed to be factored in to any screening solution.

Choosing Sterling

Having engaged with Sterling previously in other organisations, members of the HR leadership team were aware of its capabilities and reliability, so they approached the team to discuss their needs further. The time spent listening to and understanding the challenges of Modulr Finance, as well as highlighting relevant compliance considerations for each role, demonstrated why Sterling would be a perfect partner for the business.

“We knew that we needed an expert partner that not only had the knowledge to help guide our screening process, but also a supplier that is as committed as we are to delivering the best possible candidate experience. The Sterling portal ticks all the boxes we need, couldn’t be easier to use and is perfect when it comes to scaling with our growth. The quality of client support and provision of features such as the ability to bulk upload candidates is a real bonus for us. We’re looking forward to continuing our journey with Sterling.”
Andrew Bardsley
Learning, Engagement & Inclusion Partner, Modulr Finance
  • Sterling implemented a robust Background screening programme that included the appropriate level of automation to remove the manual burden of the client’s previous processes
  • Modulr Finance were able to benefit from real-time updates via the Sterling portal regarding a candidate’s progress in the screening process
  • Sterling also provided the client with regular updates on the impacts relating to Covid-19 that could have an impact on current applications, along with recommendations of any adjustment that may be necessary

As part of its support, Sterling completely transformed the candidate and client experience, making it more user friendly throughout. As a result of the streamlined processes, Modulr Finance saw an increase in the speed of its screening process, estimating that 99% of its employees were able to get into their role sooner, with all checks completed before their first day. The client also had better access to information, allowing the business to quickly access records and demonstrate due diligence when needed.

With the company growing and attracting talent from a variety of international locations, Sterling’s ability to confidently perform checks on candidates that have spent time in a number of different countries has also proven valuable. This global reach, and the compliance expertise across borders, has cemented the partnership with Modulr Finance.

Key Features
  • Sterling automated the necessary steps and provided expert guidance to improve the candidate and client experience
  • The speed of the screening process was significantly improved
  • Expert advice was provided as Covid-19 impacted screening requirements and processes
  • The client utilised Sterling’s international expertise to navigate the often complex compliance needs when screening individuals that have spent a length of time outside of the UK
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