Employers reveal preference for digital identity checks to improve accuracy and hire faster

November 15th, 2021
Digital identity verification

A survey of over 300 recruiters and employers has revealed that a significant number of businesses believe the introduction of digital identity checks for criminal background screening would be safer, provide more accurate results and improve hiring times.

In a webinar – hosted in conjunction with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) – specialist background screening and identity services firm, Sterling, revealed that 42% of attendees felt digital services would create more accurate background screening checks, while 33% believed it would be beneficial in reducing hiring times.

While the safety element of digital identity checks is a clear benefit from an organisation’s viewpoint, respondents also indicated that speeding up hiring and onboarding through a more efficient process is highly critical in times of severe skills shortages. Those surveyed indicated that fast turnaround times and a brilliant candidate experience are their top priorities, cited by 32% and 30% of respondents respectively.

As Steve Smith, Managing Director, EMEA at Sterling explained, a quick onboarding process is crucial to ensure candidates aren’t lost to the competition due to slow turnaround times:

“We’re experiencing a period of extensive competition for talent as well as skills shortages. In this environment, employers understandably want to onboard new starters quickly and ensure they don’t make a move elsewhere if the process is becoming overly cumbersome. As we’ve seen over the course of the pandemic, digitising screening where feasible can significantly improve hiring and onboarding times, so it was incredibly encouraging to hear the DBS’ digital identity plans in our webinar.”

Of course, for any screening programme, accuracy and safety are the most important elements. Being able to utilise sophisticated technology to identify fraudulent documents and verify an individual’s identity and credentials is hugely valuable as methods of fraud also become increasingly sophisticated.”

“It was great to have the DBS involved in our webinar and the plans to digitise criminal background checks, which includes involving certified identity providers, is fantastic news in our view. We’re looking forward to working closely with the DBS in the coming months.”

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