Sterling pushes forward with European expansion

June 15th, 2020

With a growing demand for local language capability as part of a global background check experience, Sterling, the leader in employee screening services, is expanding its international operations by opening a European base in Wroclaw, Poland.

While initial plans to open a physical office were delayed by COVID-19, Sterling remained resilient and hired its first employees in Poland virtually in mid-May. Since then, the business has successfully onboarded and trained all new starters to be fully operational despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.

The company’s decision to open an office in Poland was conceived as a result of extensive analysis, as well as  discussions with clients where fulfilment in local languages was in high demand. This prompted Sterling to conduct a search to identify a base for a European office that could serve a multitude of markets.

After whittling down locations, Sterling selected Wroclaw, Poland, due to the country ranking highly for several criteria, with easy transport links from its UK headquarters in Swansea, and the vast array of linguistic skills available in the country. The Poland team are already serving customers and is set to quickly scale from five to 40 staff, serving 13 languages in Europe.

Steve Smith, MD of Sterling, commented on the move, stating:

“Last summer, we conducted a client advisory board meeting where businesses shared what their perception of a truly multi-lingual experience looked like. While there are great levels of language fulfilment in areas such as form-filling software, truly regional local language capabilities are far rarer. We’ve had multilingual proficiencies from our HQ in Swansea – but this move will allow our approach to flourish.”

“We are delighted with how well we have been able to get operations up-and-running in the midst of a chaotic last couple of months. All of our staff in Wroclaw are now fully operational and serving our clients, saving them time, money, and providing a more complete, holistic experience for anyone screened in these regions.”

Kate Ellis, VP EMEA Operations at Sterling, commented:

“The increasing globalised nature of business and society at large calls for a far more tailored approach when conducting crucial business processes like background checks – perhaps even more so with the rise in remote, fluid workforces that has been accelerated by recent events.”

“By ensuring there is local language expertise on the ground in Poland, Sterling will be able to take its customer fulfilment to the next level – and ultimately reduce risk for clients and candidates. We are delighted with our results so far and the speed with which staff have been trained and onboarded during COVID-19.”

“From our company analysis of our Swansea operation and business in Asia, local language capability has been shown time and again to have vastly better results. Going forward, we will also be able to offer great opportunities to our internal staff, and continue to hone our expertise. I’m truly looking forward to developing our operations further in Wroclaw to better serve our customers.”

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