March 25th, 2020 | Josh Peirez

Stronger Together:
A Message from our CEO

Reflections on COVID-19

As we  all  continue to experience this crisis  and  its many  uncertainties, I hope that you and your family, friends, and colleagues are safe and healthy. Like many of you, I have been focusing on navigating through this crisis with the goals of keeping people safe and healthy, and doing what we can to help prevent further spread of the virus. In addition, I have been focused on ensuring that Sterling can continue to operate smoothly and deliver for our clients.

Over the last month, most of our staff moved to working from home, just as many of you have. This was a huge lift for our teams to execute successfully, and I am grateful for how quickly we adapted. I am very proud of  our  team for handling the personal and business challenges that this presents, especially as schools in many countries have also closed. There is a  “we’re in this together”  feeling here among  our team, and also between our company and the many other  organizations  that also have had to endure this transition. We  truly are in this together.

Throughout this crisis, we’ve been speaking with our clients on a daily basis. While some of our clients are understandably in hiring freezes, others can’t hire fast enough. As people, our clients have been dealing with this crisis, working to keep themselves and their families and friends safe and healthy. As functioning organisations, it’s been a scramble to find people and hire them quickly enough to meet key-worker demand within the healthcare and logistics sector in particular. In these instances, to help, we’ve already developed a series of bespoke Identification & Verification solutions to enable those organisations to screen these candidates faster, compliantly and without the need for human interaction. We will continue to work with each of our clients, looking at their unique situations, and assessing how we can help

I’d like to let you know  that  we’re here for you. We’re all going through this together. As you’re working to keep yourselves, your colleagues,  and  your  loved ones safe, I know that you’re also working to meet the demands of this new situation in which we find ourselves. We are here to help you, even it just means giving us a call to talk.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please stay healthy and safe.

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