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September 29th, 2020 | Sterling

How Emerging Technology Can Help Retailers Mitigate the Risk of a Bad Hire

UK retailers are losing almost 11 billion pounds annually due to shrinkage, more than any other European country. Like many other employers, retailers may find that controlling business risks can seem like a constant battle. With threats from internal fraud and theft to administrative errors, the cost of getting it wrong can be huge. While people may be the greatest asset of most organisations, if a bad hire slips through the net, they have the potential to quickly become your weakest link.

Steve Smith, Managing Director of Sterling in EMEA, was delighted to be a guest at the virtual Retail Risk London event on 17 September, where he explored the technology that can help mitigate the risk of fraud and help hire the right people sooner.

You can watch a recording of the 10-minute ‘masterblast’ session below, where Steve shares:

  • The latest developments in technology to support human resources teams’ goals of keeping their organisations one step ahead of the curve
  • Why now is the time for retailers to implement a robust background and identity screening programme, and the check types to consider
  • Insight into how other retailers are mitigating risk, with real-life background screening examples
  • How businesses are using technology to optimise their hiring processes and improve efficiency by hiring staff they can trust AND get them into place sooner

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