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Infographic: How to Choose a Background Screening Partner

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Running an HR department is not an easy task. Shifting priorities, employee demands, recruiting changes and new technologies demand more and more attention of today’s HR professionals. These internal issues do not even take into account the changing applicant demands in a candidate-driven job market. As the battle for high-performing talent increases, employers can no longer afford to have anything less than a consistent, personalized and seamless experience for their candidates. Great hiring experiences start with the technology used in an organisation’s background screening platform. This begins with choosing the best third-party background screening provider.

Benefits of Using a Background Screening Program

Working with a third-party background screening provider offers many benefits to help make an HR and recruiting team’s life easier. From centralising your background checks to providing a consistent candidate experience, your platform should empower your team to succeed. The key benefits of a robust, feature-rich background screening platform are:

  • Centralises your background checks
  • Empowers your HR team
  • Provides a seamless, transparent and consistent candidate experience from filling out the application to running a background check

Key Items to Consider When Outsourcing Your Background Screening Program

When exploring outsourcing part or all of a background screening program, HR professionals have a lot to consider. From the simplicity of the platform to the experience you give your candidates, it is important that you think through all of the features and functionality you need before making your decision. When comparing platforms, the ultimate decision will have to point back to the unique needs of your company. By selecting the right platform the first time around, you will improve your efficiency, decrease cost and align your team around a centralised mission.

On top of the usual concerns, budget, transition-time, integration with current systems and training all have to be considered when choosing a new background screening platform. HR professional and procurement teams need to keep in mind key items when partnering with a third party background screening provider. A few of the important items to consider when choosing a background screening provider are:

  • Comprehensive Toolkit: A background screening platform should be able to adapt to the needs of a company. For example, as a business expands there usually is a need for more employees. A larger workforce will require more background screening solutions such as credit enquiries, education and credential verifications, social media checks and more.
  • Global Screening: A background screening provider must be able to provide international background checks as necessary and have expertise in local employment, data and privacy laws in key markets such as the EU, US, China, India and Malaysia.
  • History of Trust: Background screening has become a primary risk mitigation tool for companies big and small. Having a partner that you trust can help an organisation reduce the chances of a bad hire.
  • Robust Compliance Team: As data and privacy laws change in the UK, a background screening provider much go beyond compliance basics and offer proactive solutions to improve their client’s background screening program as their business evolves.

Guide for Choosing a Background Screening Partner

From the simplicity of the platform to the experience a company gives its candidates, it is important to think through all of the features and functionality that is needed in a background screening platform before a final decision is made. Sterling created a guide for businesses giving tips for “How to Choose a Background Screening Provider”. This handy guide will help to keep an organisation on track when deciding to outsource their background screening program. Sterling offers a comprehensive suite of background screening solutions which deliver accurate, reliable results and tools to maintain compliance throughout the hiring cycle. Find out more by visiting our website.

Infographic: How to Choose a Background Screening Partner

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