November 27th, 2019 | Tim Stokes, Head of Sales EMEA, Sterling

Reflections from Workday Rising Milan 2019

Reflections from Workday Rising Milan 2019

Spanning across the 12-14th of November 2019 in Europe’s largest convention centre MiCo, the annual customer conference, Workday Rising brings together the Workday community. The focus was on those embracing Workday in order to discuss and explore how technology can be harnessed to optimise their business as well as shape the future of commerce.

Sterling was proud to exhibit at this year’s event, attending the conference as a Workday Select partner and a Signature sponsor – forming part of Workday’s global ecosystem. This was the first time Sterling attended a Workday Rising European event, going a long way in making our presence felt across EMEA. This also presented a great opportunity to engage, network and learn from international leaders within the IT and HR space. Some of the key topics and challenges discussed by attendees with the Sterling team included how to more accurately verify candidate identities, optimising the recruitment workflow using Workday, risk mitigation and best practice guidance, and support when it comes to devising a global pre-employment screening policy.

Here, we look at some of these key discussion points and understand how Sterling can play its part in helping to address these areas.

Seamless Workday Integration

As expected, a dominant topic of discussion centred around Sterling’s integration with Workday and how it can help when trying to create an end-to-end recruitment workflow – from sourcing to onboarding and beyond! Although there were specific challenges organisations had voiced, including how they could improve both the user and candidate experience and how, through innovation and advancements in technology, they can enhance their recruitment and onboarding processes. The majority of delegates, representing some of Europe’s leading businesses, were looking for opportunities to develop their partnerships and Workday Ecosystems. That’s where Sterling’s integration comes in, aiming to streamline the collection and submission of candidate data, and allowing the user to launch as well as access screening results from the Workday recruitment application. This makes the process more user-friendly and, via Sterling’s mobile-first candidate hub, much more convenient. All of this serves to further enhance the return on investing in the Workday recruiting module.

Risk Mitigation

Whilst at the event, a question that often came up for the team was, how could companies further mitigate risks as part of the recruitment process, while also providing an efficient way to verify a candidate’s identity. To answer this question, there are a wide range of checks currently available, ranging from global criminal record checks to credential verifications, and the forthcoming identity as a service. The latter of which aims to uncover a candidate’s identity by verifying government issued identity documents – using a combination of technology including AI, facial recognition, and machine learning. This is definitely one to look out for, after all an organisation will want to be more confident that their potential employee does not pose a risk to others or their business. Verifying your candidate is who they say they are may go some way to achieving this. Of course, this is just one part of a comprehensive background screening programme  which organisations implement to mitigate risk. The appropriate checks can be determined by working collaboratively with a trusted advisor such as Sterling.

Global Reach, Local Knowledge

A question frequently posed to the Sterling team at the Workday event was, “Can you provide best practice recommendations and support when it comes to devising a global pre-employment screening programme and policy?” In short, absolutely. We’re able to leverage the collective wisdom gained from different risk management programmes that Sterling supports around the world, and this continuous learning can be adopted and enhanced to programmes for other corporations, allowing us to proactively improve screening programmes. In addition to global knowledge, our employment screening experts have in-depth expertise and insights across multiple industry sectors including the gig economy, financial services, healthcare, retail and more. Due to our continuous investment in compliance research and ongoing monitoring of the regulatory changes both regionally and globally, we’re also able to keep you in the loop as part of our service. This may be simply through regular email newsletters and communications, webinars, or in-office training.

It’s clear from our conversations at Workday Rising that there are several common themes businesses are looking to explore and optimise, and with the Sterling Integration part of the Workday ecosystem this will only make it easier for organisations to maximise their efficiencies. Here’s a glimpse into some of the companies that choose Sterling as their preferred background screening partner.

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