January 3rd, 2020 | Ed Martin, Marketing Director, EMEA

Insights From 2019 To Shape Your 2020 Background Check Programme

Insights From 2019 To Shape Your 2020 Background Check Programme

As we start the new year, we can reflect on an eventful 2019, much of which has been documented in our blog series throughout the year. In case you’ve missed some of them, here’s a look back on the top 5 blog posts (in no particular order). The quick round-up gives you a peek in to what we’ve learnt from 2019, that could help shape your year ahead.

Why Internal Fraud is a bigger problem than you think

Fraud has become a huge problem for businesses, particularly in the United Kingdom, with one in nearly every two crimes classed as either a fraud or a cybercrime according to The Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance System (Cifas). As fraudsters become adept at identifying and striking the weaknesses of an organisation. The consequences of this can be extremely damaging for organisations, both from a monetary and reputational perspective. Whilst, your organisation should be able to place absolute trust in your employees, the notion of internal fraud could jeopardise this, and make you question your current candidate screening process. The good news is that there are steps your organisation can take to mitigate the risks, find out what they are, here.

Reflections from Workday Rising Milan 2019

November 12-14th 2019 saw the Sterling team exhibit at the Workday Rising annual customer conference in Milan, to engage, network and learn from international leaders within the IT and HR space. This was the first time Sterling had attended a Workday Rising European event, going a long way in making our presence felt across EMEA. Within our blog we dive into some of the key discussion points from accurately verifying candidate identities, optimising the recruitment workflow using Workday, risk mitigation and best practice guidance, to support when it comes to devising a global pre-employment screening policy. Why not explore these conversation topics in detail?

What is BPSS? The essentials of the Baseline Personnel Security Standard

The Baseline Personnel Security Standard, or BPSS for short, represents a prerequisite for higher levels of national security and is a requirement for all civil servants, members of the armed forces, temporary staff and government contractors (or other individuals) that can access government assets. This blog explores the key elements of the BPSS standard, its purpose and the recent developments, highlighting the increased importance of screening the contingent workforce to the same standard as your own employees. Read more and discover why.

How a Background Check Can Support Your ‘Circle of Safety’

As a population, we tend to take our safety for granted, putting absolute trust in both the people and the business that employs us. Tim Stokes, Head of Sales EMEA, shines a light on the comparisons between Sterling’s mission statement, and insights from leadership guru Simon Sinek’s ‘Circle of Safety’ in his book “Leaders Eat Last” underlining the responsibility of a business (and its leaders) to protect its people. So, how can a background check support your ‘circle of safety’?

Does Your Candidate Have a Fake Qualification from a Diploma Mill?

Driven by the sophistication of fraud and advancements in technology, a BBC report revealed that thousands of people in the UK have bought fake degrees from diploma mills based in Pakistan. In a competitive job market this may be seen as a way of enhancing a CV to dupe employers, or under false pretences candidates may believe these qualifications are in fact legitimate. As an employer, hiring someone without the necessary qualification can pose a significant risk to your business, customers and reputation. Avoid the deception and identify the tell-tale signs of diploma mill qualifications.

Are you looking for answers around your screening programme? Do you want to brainstorm the gaps in your careening policy? Our client success partners are at hand to dispel all your doubts and talk to you, here’s just one reason why Sterling is recognised as a leading provider of background and identity services.

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