January 23rd, 2020 | Sterling

An Evolving Workforce – Sterling Sponsors the 2020 Sharing Economy Global Summit

An Evolving Workforce

The nature of how we work is changing. Powered by the development of digital platforms, individuals have the ability to work on-the-go at times convenient to them and in almost any location via mobile devices. This empowers workers by allowing a greater level of flexibility, and as a result the hiring market has seen the number of contingent workers skyrocket. According to research conducted by TUC, the number of people working within the gig economy has doubled in the last three years alone, with almost one in 10 adults working in this way at least once a week – that compares to just one in 20 in 2016. The same research highlights that the majority of gig workers utilise this kind of work to supplement other forms of income. Nevertheless, these part-time jobs and side hustles may bring freedom for the individuals and organisations alike, although a level of risk remains. Which begs the question, is your organisation well equipped to screen applicants in this ever growing, modern economy?

2020 Sharing Economy Global Summit

As the gig economy grows, Sterling continues to be at the forefront of developments and risk-mitigation. As part of that, we’re excited to be a premier sponsor at this year’s 2020 Sharing Economy Global Summit on the 5th and 6th February at Lloyd’s of London. The summit is the first of its kind, providing an opportunity to learn from leading professionals in the field, and network with like-minded organisations from across the globe – within the sharing economy. More specifically, global pioneers of the industry will be sharing their insights across areas such as trust and safety, digital identity and screening; payments, fraud prevention, data privacy and cybersecurity; compliance regulatory, legal and insurance; and, product, technology and innovation.

Those attending can hear from Sterling’s EMEA Managing Director, Steve Smith and General Manager for Gig, David Bloom on day 1 from 1:00-1:30PM, covering the ‘Real Life Background Check Successes and Challenges in the Sharing Economy’. This practical session will delve into the good, bad and ugly from businesses like yours that have rolled out background check programmes in global locations to enhance their services, protect their users, and promote their brand.

Plus, learn how organisations have worked with one of the world’s leading background and identity services providers to shape innovation, mitigate risk, drive safety, and provide identity solutions specific to the needs of the global sharing economy. Be sure to register to attend the event! Or check out our solutions for the gig economy.

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