December 4th, 2023 | Sterling

A positive experience for temporary retail staff will boost the Christmas spirit

With retailers expecting an uptick in footfall this Christmas and increasing temporary hiring as a
result, employment screening and identity verification expert, Sterling, has urged employers to use this opportunity to create better relationships with workers.

According to the latest Barclays Business Barometer, 60% of retailers are expecting to see more
customers instore compared to online shopping estimates, with 82% planning to rely on temporary resources. With the data also showing that almost a third of retailers are hiring in greater numbers than previous Christmases, Sterling has highlighted that now is the time to invest in improving the hiring experience for workers, including temporary staff.

Steve Smith, President International at Sterling commented:

“Seasonal workers have always played a significant role for retailers during Christmas, but it would seem that as optimism grows across the sector, many firms are increasing their reliance on those not currently in full-time employment. However, these temporary workers aren’t just valuable in December. It’s important for employers to treat them as the longer-term commodity they are.

“Retailers will often welcome the same short-term employees back time and again, and not just
around the December rush. Temporary staff are increasingly being used as the back-bone of the
retail sector. However, to ensure they want to return, employers are having to provide the best
experience for these workers — and that includes getting them through the screening process quickly. With competition for this segment of the workforce increasing, it will be the brands able to screen and onboard temporary workers quickly that win both now and in the long run. In order to deliver this on the scale that’s needed, retailers are going to have to increasingly rely on remote screening and digital identity verification that’s quick, seamless for the end user and, perhaps more importantly, allows for the reuse of certifications in the future.”

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