March 8th, 2024 | Sterling

Why integrating seamless data sharing in the screening process helps to accelerate applicant onboarding in the gig economy

Onboarding your applicants quickly and easily without hassle or friction is key to securing the gig workforce needed to successfully deliver a quality service behind your gig platform. Linking your business application directly through an API, such as the one offered by Sterling, enables the accurate candidate data you’ve captured to flow directly to the screening platform. This means the required background checks can be completed as quickly as possible, accelerating time-to-onboard, and activating your new gig workers.

Partnering with a dedicated integration team like Sterling’s allows gig businesses to benefit from expert support and provide the peace of mind that the setup will be aligned with specific hiring program needs, using Sterling’s API. Once established, the data your applicant provides to you is passed through to Sterling via our easy-to-use, in-session experience. This streamlined process is simple for both you and your applicants, removing the need for duplicate data entry and saving considerable time and effort.

With processes like this, gig businesses have complete control of the screening component of their applicant onboarding experience. The method, timing, and accuracy of applicant data capture and provision is entirely up to the gig client. This improves time-to-hire and removes potential friction that can often lead to increased drop-out rates. At the same time, this model promotes efficient data usage thanks to being able to reutilise the accurate and validated data multiple times as required, saving both gig clients and applicants time in future.

Gig applicants only have to provide the required data once, either via your in-house app, portal, or ATS. Alternatively, you have the option to leverage Sterling’s advanced, mobile-friendly app to support data collection and validation for candidates. This solution can be configured to align to your business-specific hiring requirements, placing you in control of your applicant experience. Whichever suits, just one familiar interface means there’s no need for multiple passwords or dealing with a fragmented experience that can quickly disengage and lead to drop-out. This seamless experience helps make life easier for your applicants and can provide a positive impression of your brand and how you treat your workforce.

Leveraging Sterling’s API can help you fulfil hiring demand with minimal friction while mitigating the risk of onboarding an unproductive or bad applicant. Our technology, coupled with decades of deep industry experience, helps us to empower all companies with global, scalable screening and identity solutions.

Sterling supports gig clients throughout the world. Learn more about Sterling’s background checks and API by contacting us.

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