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March 16 | 2015

How to spot a dishonest job candidate

It can be difficult to spot a fraudulent applicant at the best of times, but with growing press...

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February 26 | 2015

Infographic: Managing Risk in a Global Marketplace

Although global migration is not a recent phenomenon, the number of foreign-born...

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February 24 | 2015

Lessons from high-profile hiring disasters

February 13 | 2015

What is BPSS and should you comply?

In the last 12 months we have experienced a significant increase of enquiries relating to security screening standards, especially the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (“BPSS”). More and more employers are now required to comply with one or more screening regulation so what exactly is the purpose of the Baseline Personnel Security Standard...

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January 6 | 2015

The real cost of a bad hiring decision

The real cost of a bad hiring decision - When it comes to hiring time, more and...

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December 18 | 2014

Degree of CV fraud amongst graduates on the rise

November 27 | 2014

Infographic: 7 Steps To Hiring The Right Executive

Hiring the right executives is essential to your company’s success. After all, it’s the sales directors, VP’s, the CFO and, yes, the CEO who are entrusted with executing the company’s strategy, managing budgets, building customer relationships and directly managing large teams in your workforce. Unfortunately, it’s often in the hiring of...

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