July 17th, 2017 | Sterling

Well-Known Movie Characters Who Should Have Been Background Checked

Characters with complicated situations, compromised morals and wild idiosyncrasies bring life to movies. With good directors, charismatic actors and absurd situations, the more entertainment it brings to audiences. This is due in part because it’s not something we get to experience on a daily basis. In some movies, the characters have a criminal background or are caught lying to their potential employers. Sterling provides peace of mind to help companies make informed hiring decisions by performing an employment background check on candidates.

Just as if you are going to the cinema, sit back, relax, turn your mobile to silent and enjoy this piece we’ve put together on movie characters that should have undergone an employment background check.

Dewey Finn

Dewey Finn – School of Rock

“Not your Average Substitute Teacher.”

In fact, he’s not a substitute teacher at all, though he is impersonating his roommate, a qualified teacher, to earn money to cover his rent. He might have won over our hearts in the movie, but we can all agree that Dewey’s intentions were far from honorable when he planned to take the prize money from his kids competing in the Battle of the Bands. He is guilty of identity theft, intended embezzlement, lying to his employer and not to mention—took 20 students out of school under only his supervision.


Wes Hightower – Urban Cowboy

“Guilty as Charged”

The 1980 movie, set in Pasadena, Texas, tells the story of a young couple, Bud and Sissy, both independent and hot headed individuals that end up trying to make each other jealous with other people. Sissy goes after Wes, an ex-convict hired at the town’s most popular honky tonk, Gilley’s. Meanwhile, Wes secretly plots to steal the $5,000 prize money from a bull riding competition at Gilley’s and move to Mexico with Sissy. Realizing their mistakes, Bud and Sissy reunite, and as Bud goes to beat up Wes, they find that he has attacked a receptionist, gun in hand and the prize money in his pockets. Thanks to Bud, no major harm came from this instance, but we don’t always have our cowboy in shining armour there to save the day.


Alfredo Linguine – Ratatouille

“That’ll be ‘Chef’ Linguine to You.”

Employment background checks help protect your employees and your company, but they can also have other hidden benefits. In this case, Linguine, originally working as a garbage boy in a restaurant, was hired as a favor to his mother. The temporary owner (who should’ve been background checked) threatened the originally well-renowned restaurant but was informed that Linguine might be the rightful heir of the restaurant’s original owner. Linguine was background checked without knowing it and was confirmed as the new owner of the most famous restaurant in Paris, successfully saving the company from losing stars and their well-earned integrity.

Green Card

Brantë Parrish and Georges Fauré – Green Card

“Engaged!!!… in Fraud??”

Set in 1990 New York City, Green Card is about an immigrant wanting to stay in the US who fakes a marriage with an American woman in need of a marriage license to rent her dream apartment. Both of these characters get away with their plotting throughout the movie until they are finally uncovered by investigators many months later. While they do fall in love by the end of the movie, this is still a punishable crime that may have been revealed on a background check, depending on the status of their crime.

We know these storylines would have been far less enjoyable and successful without the main characters’ behaviours, but we want people that lie to their employers, endanger the safety of students, rob people at gunpoint and threaten the credibility of their companies to be only a thing in the movies! Save the cliff hangers and nail biters for the movie theaters and let Sterling background check all of your employees to bring you peace of mind.

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