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February 15 | 2017

The Value of Social Media Screening

There is no way around it; we live in a social media world. It has come to a point where the...

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December 19 | 2016

The Best and Worst Interview Questions to Ask a Ca...

Asking the right questions in an interview will help recruiting managers find ou...

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December 16 | 2016

The Top Blog Posts of 2016

December 13 | 2016

Tips to Uncover Fake CVs

Your CV is the first-step to getting a new job. It's how potential employers "see" you (similar to your first impression) and your qualifications until you meet in person. Job hunters use a variety of CV types and styles to sell themselves and their past work. However, it has been found that a CV doesn't always tell the truth about a candidate's jo...

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May 13 | 2016

Your Top 5 Questions on Global Criminal Record Che...

Hiring candidates who currently work or previously worked in other countries add...

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January 6 | 2015

The real cost of a bad hiring decision

December 18 | 2014

Degree of CV fraud amongst graduates on the rise

Graduate CV fraud on the rise - For years, deceitful applicants have found ways to con hiring managers into believing they are a suitable choice, but never before have they had such extensive access to the tools and resources to dupe their potential employer. "Diploma mills" are unaccredited or unrecognized organizations that operate in one of two...

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