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July 19 | 2017

The “Gig” Economy and Contingent Workforce in the UK

The UK economy has changed dramatically over the last 50 years from relatively stable employmen...

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May 25 | 2017

UK Data Protection Laws and Social Media Screening

Can you remember a time when you didn't have a mobile phone? In reality, mobile...

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May 12 | 2017

Infographic: What Can Employers Learn Via Social M...

February 15 | 2017

The Value of Social Media Screening

There is no way around it; we live in a social media world. It has come to a point where the first thing that people do after they wake up is check their social media accounts, and they are then connected throughout the entire day....

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December 19 | 2016

The Best and Worst Interview Questions to Ask a Ca...

Asking the right questions in an interview will help recruiting managers find ou...

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December 16 | 2016

The Top Blog Posts of 2016

December 13 | 2016

Tips to Uncover Fake CVs

Your CV is the first-step to getting a new job. It's how potential employers "see" you (similar to your first impression) and your qualifications until you meet in person. Job hunters use a variety of CV types and styles to sell themselves and their past work. However, it has been found that a CV doesn't always tell the truth about a candidate's jo...

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