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January 5 | 2017

GDPR: Impact of New Process on Privacy and Personal Information in the UK

Every good company wants to progress and grow to provide better, more efficient services. It is...

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October 12 | 2016

The Age of Millennials: 6 Tips for Screening The E...

What do you know about the Millennial generation? Millennials will account for o...

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May 29 | 2015

Recruitment Essentials: Best Practice Tips to usin...

April 29 | 2015

5 Steps to Avoid Hiring Mistakes

With a growing number of job vacancies and fewer job seekers, many industries are entering a candidate market and, as a result, employers are racing to secure the best prospects. It's more important than ever to have a reliable recruitment process, which ensures no mistakes are made despite the hiring pressures. Fortunately there are a number...

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March 31 | 2015

Is Google hiding the dubious past of your job cand...

Just a few months ago, the European Court of Justice (‘ECJ’), the EU’s hig...

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March 16 | 2015

How to spot a dishonest job candidate

February 24 | 2015

Lessons from high-profile hiring disasters

In today’s world, even the most liberal of organisations tend to have basic vetting procedures in place to avoid bad hires and the associated cost to the business. As we continue to emerge from the recession, competition for jobs amongst candidates is fierce and HR departments are having to increase their efforts to ensure the less desirable appl...

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