CUSTOMER STORY: Car Sharing Network

Car Sharing Network

Our [Sterling] customer service team is awesome! We have never had to call to follow up. They always take care of us in one call. - We already did everything else online. This gets us up to speed in our hiring process. Your company solved a problem."

Our customer is one of the world’s leading car sharing networks. They are a company dedicated to being ambassadors for change and making a positive impact on the environment. Members have access to cars when they need them, with access and payments handled online or via smartphone. Their innovative car-sharing network provides a stellar customer service experience and an environmentally sustainable transportation solution that has translated into business success. Keeping it simple via continuous innovation is a recipe that has pushed our customer to the top spot in their market.

Business Challenges

In the last year, our customer has seen double-digit growth. New locations were opening, each with growing hiring needs. Our customer had an ATS that didn’t integrate with their screening vendor. Hiring managers at different locations were responsible for employment verifications, and were not using a consistent process for screening and onboarding. HR representatives spent too much time doing paperwork management, making sure that forms were completed properly and then filed away. Approximately 1 out of every 4 of their I-9s was filled out incorrectly. HR had to manually review each form to make sure it had been properly completed, and if it wasn’t, they would have to reach out to candidates for correction. If documents needed to be produced at a later date, it meant flipping through binders and tabs, searching for individual employee information. They came to Sterling to find a new hiring solution that could scale with a rapidly growing company. In short, our customer needed a solution that transformed the traditional hiring process as they had transformed traditional transportation models with their car-sharing solution. They needed a tool that was simple, flexible, and reliable. They needed innovation.


Sterling provided the customer with a one-stop cloud-based hiring solution that integrated with their applicant tracking system (ATS). One dashboard now managed everything including recruiting, offer letters, screening and onboarding. The previous paperbound process, with its inefficiencies and compliance risks, was eliminated. New hires experienced a far easier and satisfying onboarding process. Streamlining the hiring process allowed our customer’s HR department to shift focus from administrative tasks to getting their new staff up to speed and working towards our customer’s mission. Integration with their ATS was an important factor in our customer’s selection of the Sterling solution. The ability for Sterling to work with their ATS allows our customer to gather applicants in varied and creative ways. Those quality applicants are then advanced through a hiring process that meets our customer’s high standards for a great candidate experience. Candidates no longer have to rekey information or create multiple passwords. By handling it all efficiently and electronically, new hires have a great introduction to the company’s corporate culture. They arrive on day one ready to work. And Sterling scales with company growth: as new locations open, it is easy for them to bring on new hires without duplicating efforts of the central office. The Sterling solution also met our customer’s goals of environmental sustainability.

A paperless hiring solution made their overwhelmed HR team happy and was in line with the company’s green mission. Through Sterling’s eForms, Electronic I-9, and other automated forms, our customer has eliminated a mountain of paperwork.

Our customer understands the importance of outstanding customer service. Sterling provides our customer with a team of associates solely focused on their needs. They are committed to answering every call from our customer by the third ring, and making sure that every issue is handled immediately.

Key Features
  • More efficient and compliant recruitment-to-hire process.
  • Correctly completed I-9s increased from 75% to 100%.
  • Eliminated re-keying of data.
  • Elimination of paperwork and significant costs associated with them.
  • Nine paper forms per hire eliminated.
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