Supporting An Information Technology Company’s Presence Across The Globe

We soon recognised Sterling as a key partner who could help us to achieve a more efficient and robust screening programme. The quality of their Customer Success team sets them apart from other providers and we are consistently impressed by their response times.”
- Pravin Dalal, Virtusa Senior Manager
End-to-End Transformational Change

Virtusa Corporation is a global provider of Digital Business Transformation, Digital Engineering, and Information Technology outsourcing services, serving Global 2000 companies in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Media, Entertainment, Travel, Manufacturing, and Technology industries.

A Global Challenge

Prior to working with Sterling, Virtusa’s background check turnaround times were often between 45 and 60 days and getting local expertise and support regarding international checks outside their home country was also a challenge. With a presence in over 19 countries and 22,000 employees worldwide, having a screening vendor that wasn’t proficient in supporting a truly global hiring programme was a big problem. Additional complexity was added due to the regulated nature in which their workforce operates, and the varied compliance obligations involved.

Services that Scale to your Changing Demands

While Virtusa continues to enjoy ongoing growth, this further exacerbated the challenge, with the screening programme at risk of becoming a bottleneck to the hiring process. Sterling have gone a long way in alleviating the issues for Virtusa, thanks to international expertise, support and agile services that are sufficiently adaptable and scalable to Virtusa’s ongoing requirements.

Not Just a Provider, a Partner

Sterling were selected from a number of other providers thanks to their consultative approach, their willingness to listen to and understand Virtusa’s challenges and their ability to build an effective screening programme around complex need. By providing an experienced and highly responsive Client Success team who fully appreciate their business and the markets in which Virtusa operates, Sterling was identified as an organisation that could deliver the high level of customer service and proactive insight needed.

The Right Checks? ‘Check’

Significant value was also placed in Sterling’s ability to serve a wide variety of checks such as criminal record disclosures, Right to Work checks, employment and education verifications, along with directorship, CV discrepancy and credit searches. Where they were working on behalf of clients in the banking sector, many of Virtusa’s employees also required Cifas checks.

Effective Results

Sterling was able to use its global reach and local knowledge, especially when it came to complex compliance regulations, to reduce background check turnaround times from 60 days to around 2 weeks in many cases. This resulted in a reduction to onboarding time and a direct positive impact on the bottom line of the business. The Virtusa team have also benefited from a level of proactive client support that was previously missing, and they now feel safe in the knowledge that they will be kept up to date with any new regulations or best practice considerations.

Not only is the screening process no longer causing a log jam, it is providing a smooth and efficient experience for client and candidate alike. Delivering this level of confidence in the robustness of their screening programme, allows the HR leaders at Virtusa to focus on other issues, such as competing for the best candidates in the first place. Virtusa continue to leverage the expertise and collaborative approach of Sterling as Pravin concludes, “We have been working with Sterling for 2 years now and fully anticipate our successful partnership will continue to grow.”

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