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Background Checks

July 28 | 2020

Outsourcing workers without insourcing risk

Background checks as essential for gig economy as they are for full-time employment The nature...

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July 28 | 2020

Top 6 Tech Industry Tips: Creating a Culture of On...

The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly changed how companies operate. Businesses had...

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February 4 | 2020

How Brexit Could Impact Your Hiring Programme

January 23 | 2020

An Evolving Workforce – Sterling Sponsors the 20...

The nature of how we work is changing. Powered by the development of digital platforms, individuals have the ability to work on-the-go at times convenient to them and in almost any location via mobile devices. This empowers workers by allowing a greater level of flexibility, and as a result the hiring market has seen the......

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January 21 | 2020

How HR’s Digital Transformation Will Elevate...

Human resource and recruiting leaders have experienced unprecedented change in r...

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September 27 | 2019

How a Background Check Can Support Your ‘Cir...

August 29 | 2019

BS7858 Security Screening Explained

What is BS7858? During these uncertain times, and with the situation seemingly changing day to day, it can be difficult to stay up to date with recent developments. However, with the aim of keeping you abreast of the latest changes, on the 31st March 2020, the former BS7858:2012 standard was withdrawn, and superseded by an......

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Background Checks: Rescreening considerations for Gig Businesses
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Criminal Record checks

Our comprehensive background screening services raise the safety bar to help ensure faster, accurate hiring decisions.

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Employment & Activity Verification

We validate who you are hiring in advance with thorough verification services backed by our own powerful fulfillment engine.

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Social Media Searches

Get a view of your candidate beyond the CV or interview as part of a comprehensive and compliant background check programme.

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Global Background Checks

Expertise and technology to overcome the complexity of background screening an international workforce.

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