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June 10 | 2015

Case Study: Hiscox

Retrieving references and maintaining DBS relationships was time-consuming and taxing for Hisco...

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June 2 | 2015

Infographic: Lies on a CV

A CV might look good on the surface, but there could be a number of lies hiding...

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April 29 | 2015

5 Steps to Avoid Hiring Mistakes

With a growing number of job vacancies and fewer job seekers, many industries are entering a candidate market and, as a result, employers are racing to secure the best prospects. It's more important than ever to have a reliable recruitment process, which ensures no mistakes are made despite the hiring pressures. Fortunately there are a number...

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March 31 | 2015

Is Google hiding the dubious past of your job cand...

Just a few months ago, the European Court of Justice (‘ECJ’), the EU’s hig...

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February 26 | 2015

Infographic: Managing Risk in a Global Marketplace

Although global migration is not a recent phenomenon, the number of foreign-born workers has risen considerably over the last decade. As the workforce becomes more global, hiring decisions are taking on an increasingly international dimension and should accommodate cross-border elements....

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